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Precise 3D models are critical in pre-construction design & post-construction as-builts.

Using the most advanced Riegl LiDAR sensors on the market, we are able to accurately and efficiently create high-definition 3-dimensional models from a distance, keeping our crews and the public safe.  We understand when to implement this technology to save time and costs associated with projects.

This technology is useful for the following applications:

  • Transportation engineering roadway corridor mapping

  • Civil engineering

  • Power line and substation mapping

  • Utility mapping & as-builts

  • Mechanical equipment as-builts

  • Architectural modeling

  • BIM (building information modeling)

  • Archaeological projects


Capturing data from remote locations, we keep our staff and the public safe.  

Accurate Models

All terrestrial laser scanning work is performed under the direct supervision of a professional surveyor and mapper (PSM). The point clouds we create are registered, adjusted, classified, and verified for quality and accuracy by a PSM creating reliable models for their specified use.

Data Integration

The 3-dimensional LiDAR data can be seamlessly integrated with conventional survey data as well as other remote sensing techniques.

Reduced Cost

By creating accurate high definition 3D models of an area of interest, we rarely have return visits to projects for additional data requested by our clients.  We can usually extract the additional data from the original point cloud reducing site visits and costs. 

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