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Precision and accuracy when it matters most.

CivilSurv Design Group, Inc. is one of largest Surveying and Mapping firms in the State of Florida (ranked in the nation’s Top 100 by P.O.B. Magazine).  We are privileged to have served the region on a wide variety of projects, on a continuous basis since 1980 and we are proud of our reputation and tradition as a Land Surveying firm.  While the practice of Surveying and Mapping is a time-honored profession firmly rooted in the traditions and legal principles of the past, modern technology has provided us with equipment that greatly expedites the successful completion of projects. The CivilSurv Design Group team is not only highly skilled with general surveying and mapping projects but also brings expertise in specific areas such as:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Network Control

  • Hydrographic Surveying

  • GIS Data capture and base map creation

  • Subsurface Utility Locates and Designates

  • Vacuum Excavation

  • Ground Penetrating Radar

Let us help you survey your next project.

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