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Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services help project designers avoid conflicts associated with undetected buried utilities, which can disrupt construction projects creating delays, redesign, and downtime charges. These services have been proven to reduce construction costs directly related to unreliable or insufficient utility information. A study of 71 projects by Purdue University proved "on average there is a total of $4.62 in savings for every $1.00 spent on SUE."  These services can also reduce service interruptions, redesign fees, litigation, injuries, and even loss of life.

Our experienced staff of professional engineers and professional surveyors and mappers can help you find and identify utility conflicts before and during design saving time and the associated construction costs. Listed below are some of the applications we implement SUE for public and private clients.

  • Transportation engineering

  • Civil site engineering

  • Power line and substation design

  • Utility design & as-builts


Capturing data from remote locations, we keep our staff and the public safe.  

Accurate Models

All terrestrial laser scanning work is performed under the direct supervision of a professional surveyor and mapper (PSM). The point clouds we create are registered, adjusted, classified, and verified for quality and accuracy by a PSM, creating reliable models for their specified use.

Data Integration

The 3-dimensional LiDAR data can be seamlessly integrated with conventional survey data, as well as with other remote sensing techniques.

Reduced Cost

By creating accurate, high-definition 3D models of an area of interest, we rarely have return visits to projects for additional data requested by our clients.  We can usually extract the additional data from the original point cloud, reducing site visits and costs. 

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